How to Increase Agent Retention

Growth and Agent Retention

Most Real Estate Brokers are looking to grow their agent count, volume, average sales price, and business as a whole. However, not every Real Estate Brokerage has the proper systems and procedures in place to facilitate this growth efficiently. Brokerages that offer user-friendly, convenient processes and organized systems to their agents usually have better agent retention. Focusing on agent retention is a crucial skill that top real estate brokers do to facilitate growth by keeping their current agents happy. After all, if agents are leaving your brokerage, it makes growth much more difficult. 

Retention Begins with Onboarding

Providing a positive experience for your agents will lead to increased productivity and happiness. This starts with onboarding. Having a streamlined onboarding process ensures that new agents do not miss a beat. Showing your agents that you are providing them a solid foundation logistically and mentally goes a long way when it comes to increasing your agent’s productivity and your brokerage’s retention. You only have one chance to make a first impression, and that begins with a slick onboarding process!

Providing a Support System and Transparent, Repeatable Processes

Agents are the lifeblood of every real estate brokerage and are key to building a strong foundation for your brokerage. Supporting your agents and having excellent agent management is extremely important. Lacking a strong support system for your agents translates into a negative experience for the agents and their customers, which makes it harder to increase your sales volume. Building a strong agent support system accelerates your brokerage’s growth, and an all-in-one back office tech stack can be a great place to start. A platform like TotalBrokerage, streamlines everything from onboarding to sales transactions and makes both you and your agent’s lives easier by establishing a standardized process for every situation.

TotalBrokerage Offers a Competitive Advantage

TotalBrokerage gives agents the tools to make transactions, signing, communications, and the entire real estate process quicker and easier. Our platform was built specifically for Real Estate Brokerages by software and real estate professionals, so everything in our platform is made with agents’ and brokers’ satisfaction, time, and productivity in mind. An all-in-one back office tech stack, like TotalBrokerage, makes brokers’, agents’, clients’, bookkeepers’, compliance officers’ and anybody involved with the transaction’s lives and work easier. 

Consolidating back office procedures in one software has endless benefits; agents will always prefer using and learning one piece of software as opposed to five. 

Proper Commission Disbursement

Late or improper pay is one of the top reasons why agents leave brokerages. Top agents work hard to produce results not only for your brokerage, but themselves as well. Brokers should be cognizant of this if they want to retain agents, and agents expect to be compensated promptly and correctly. Outdated tech can drastically hinder brokers, even if they have intentions of quickly and accurately paying their agents. 

How TotalBrokerage Simplifies Agent Commission Plans

  • Automatic Commission Calculations: TotalBrokerage’s All-In-One Real Estate Brokerage Software Solution calculates all of your agents’ commissions in any way you want. Our commission calculation system is flexible, scalable, and easy to use. Fully automate the calculations of complex commission structures like tiered or graduated splits.

  • Keeps your bookkeeper happy. With TotalBrokerage, you can track all expenses for your brokerage down to the individual transaction or vendor and export to CSV for convenient reporting.

  • QuickBooks® Integration. Our Real Estate Brokerage Software natively syncs to QuickBooks Desktop ® and QuickBooks Online®, so your brokerage won’t miss a beat when you transition to TotalBrokerage.


Schedule a Consultation to Fix your Back Office

The brokerages who continue to cobble together separate, outdated pieces of software will continue to struggle with a cluttered business on the back end which repels top producing agents.

Our All-in-One Real Estate Brokerage Software Solution Features:

Lead Management, CRM, Marketing, Transaction Management, E-Signature, Commissions & Accounting, Reporting, Agent Onboarding, Human Resources, Intranet, API & Zapier, Auditing & History