Private Intranet Feature for Brokerages

Create an internal message board for your brokerage, agents, and teams from one unified platform.

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Intranet Capabilities

One Centralized Message Board
Fully Customizable Communication
In-house Deal Referral

We grew from 7 agents to over 50 in less than a year. We were having to juggle a couple of different programs to meet our needs, a CRM, accounting software, transaction management. Being able to have one place for our agents to accomplish all of their goals made it more streamlined, as we continued to grow, and the scalability was there.

Hayley Miller
TotalBrokerage Platform
The only Intranet feature built for real estate brokerages
TotalBrokerage’s Intranet is designed with the specific needs of brokerages, agents, and teams in mind–making it easy to share key information across your entire business.

TotalBrokerage eliminates the need for disparate back office systems. With one platform you unlock access to Intranet, Marketing, CRM, Lead Tracking, Transaction Management, E-Signature, or other back office programs.

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