Game-Changing Lead Management Software for Brokerages

Never miss out on another opportunity.

TotalBrokerage’s Lead Management connects your front-end website(s), selected third-party portals, and social media channels to capture online leads from virtually unlimited locations. Organize, route, and track your leads in one centralized location.

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Customizable Lead Management Capabilities

Easily set up infinite lead routes.
Track all leads from their origination point.
Customize communication auto-responders and drip campaigns.
Distribute leads to your agents based on your preferences.
Incentivize your agents with “speed to lead” distribution.
Quickly and easily reassign leads.
Track your agents’ response time.
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TotalBrokerage is simple, easy to use, and practical. The ROI I get with TotalBrokerage is 2000%. TotalBrokerage has saved me easily 5 to 10 hours per week. Agents have everything in one place and I can easily check what needs to be done. It does it perfectly and I don’t have to worry about anything.

Jose Martin
Choice Point Realty
The only Lead Management software purpose-built for real estate brokerages
Built by brokers for brokers, TotalBrokerage’s Lead Management tooling unifies all leads into one place. We make it easier than ever before to convert those leads into sales.

There’s no need to jump from one software platform to another. Centralize your back office programs from CRM to Transaction Management in one advanced platform.

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