Complete Reporting & Analytics for Brokerages

Gain maximum oversight and management across every corner of your business.

TotalBrokerage’s Lead Management connects your front-end website(s), selected third-party portals, and social media channels to capture online leads from virtually unlimited locations. Organize, route, and track your leads in one centralized location.

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Reporting & Analytics Capabilities

Detailed Lead Reporting
Fully Customizable Reports
CRM-driven Reports
End-to-End Transaction Reports
Administrative Reports

One of the first things I needed was a CRM for the company, that also worked as a back end deal tracking system, because I didn't want to have multiple different platforms. TotalBrokerage is the only one that does everything that you need it to do, to be able to run your real estate brokerage business. I've been looking for a system to work for me for almost 13 years and this is the one I've found that works. I would recommend TotalBrokerage to anyone that is looking to either cleanup their backend systems or is looking to start their own firm, and needs a CRM, deal tracking tracking, and marketing in a single platform.

Ryan Serhant
The only Reporting & Analytics system made for real estate brokerages
Built by brokers for brokers, TotalBrokerage’s Reporting & Analytics tooling gives brokers and owners end-to-end business tracking.

Create dashboards, understand key metrics, and build custom reports to understand how every aspect of your brokerage is performing.

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