Industry-Leading Customer Relationship Management Software for Brokerages

Stay connected with clients, accelerate deals, and increase agent productivity like never before.

With TotalBrokerage’s Marketing software, you can e-blast hundreds, even thousands of emails per day to existing and prospective customers, automate drip marketing campaigns, leverage pre-built email templates, and launch text marketing campaigns.

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Lead Tracking Capabilities

Integrate TotalBrokerage with your front-end to seamlessly track and store leads from your website, social media, paid and organic search.
Capture leads from any website, social media channels, and other lead portals.
Never miss another opportunity for agents to follow up.

Why brokers rely on TotalBrokerage CRM

Brokers and owners gain more insight and control over back office systems and processes with TotalBrokerage’s CRM feature.

Lead managers or brokers can easily reassign contacts from one agent to another.
Distribute leads to your preference with infinite lead routing options.
Track all lead, email, phone, and text messaging activity.
Keep track of all changes, quickly fix mistakes, and recover any lost data.
Easily import and export large quantities of leads or contacts with one click.
Cross-reference contacts to ensure multiple agents do not work the same lead with TotalBrokerage’s “Customer Contact Duplication Protection” feature.
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Why agents rely on TotalBrokerage CRM

Your agents can now increase productivity and streamline deals with TotalBrokerage’s advanced and easy-to-use CRM.
Agents are assigned individual outbound mass texting phone numbers to protect against TCPA and provide anonymity.
Cross-reference contacts to ensure multiple agents do not work the same lead with TotalBrokerage’s “Customer Contact Duplication Protection” feature.
Reach out to any contact anytime via one-click call, text or email with a 100% mobile responsive platform.
Significantly accelerate deal flow by seamlessly integrating all crucial CRM data with transaction data.
Agents and brokers can add tags to contacts for improved organization and contact grouping.
With optional and fully configurable Protected Customer Contacts, agents gain peace of mind and confidence that their broker does not have access to the agents’ contacts.
Personalize text (SMS) and email communications with custom fields and auto-filled contact data.
With Our WAVV Power Dialer, quickly work through hundreds of your contacts and let the technology do the work for you.
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I am able to work more efficiently with my agents, both in commercial and residential. They see how easy TotalBrokerage is to use and how valuable it is after just one use. TotalBrokerage allows my agents to have everything in one place and fosters better communication and much more interaction. I am already recommending TotalBrokerage to my broker friends. If they want an all-in-one platform that includes everything they need. I am currently saving 3 hours per transaction with TotalBrokerage.

Carlos Coloma
Let's Fly Realty

Why admin teams rely on TotalBrokerage CRM

Increase a topline view into your brokerage’s operational activities with TotalBrokerages CRM Teams feature.
Set up “Teams” within your brokerage to share contacts and transaction information via the permissions of managers.
Designated “Team Leaders” have additional levels of permission for team entities, including transaction coordination.
Team Leaders can get automatically added as a participating member in all team transactions.
Communicate systematically and efficiently throughout the entire process. Achieve well-organized, streamlined transactions every time.
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The only CRM software designed for real estate brokerages
Traditionally, real estate brokerages and agents are forced to use multiple programs for back office operations, resulting in extra costs and more time wasted.

TotalBrokerage’s world-class CRM software saves brokerages and teams more money and invaluable time on every transaction. Eliminate the need for a separate CRM, Transaction Management, E-Signature, or other back office programs. TotalBrokerage is more than a CRM–it’s the most comprehensive back office software platform made for real estate brokerages.