Onboarding Agents Made Simple

Onboarding agents can be a complicated, time consuming, inconvenient process for both brokerages and agents if the right systems are not put in place. The paperwork alone can be overwhelming! Having a digital, straight-forward, painless onboarding process for new agents is a great way to make a positive first impression on new team members and increases agent retention rates.

Easy to Use Checklists & Agent Onboarding Automation

With TotalBrokerage, you can automate checklists and the entire agent onboarding process to digitally request the correct information, so the agent can complete it on their time and from the convenience of their mobile device or computer, streamlining the process and ensuring nothing is missed.

When was the last time you spoke to someone on the telephone or in person to make a restaurant reservation or to book a hotel or flight? Every other industry has super convenient, digital processes so we created the easiest onboarding solution for the real estate industry that can be deployed with the click of a mouse!

Because TotalBrokerage is an all-in-one software solution, you can integrate and educate your agents with the rest of our features in the same place that they are onboarded, so the transition is as simple and seamless as possible.


Ask the questions that you need to know for your specific brokerage! In TotalBrokerage, you can create, edit, and manage fully customizable questionnaires for your new or potential agents. You can have them complete e-fillable forms, upload important materials like real estate license, ss card and driver’s license and even require them to review your training videos and handbook all in one location!

Onboarding Queue

A proper onboarding queue is essential for tracking where your agents are in the onboarding process. The onboarding queue is used to see what outstanding work you or your agents have left to do for current onboardings o nothing slips through the cracks

Run Everything in the Cloud

Most back office platforms have apps that malfunction frequently and websites that are not optimized for mobile phones or tablets. TotalBrokerage is 100% cloud based. That means you can onboard your agents and streamline your entire real estate brokerage anywhere from any device.

Our All-in-One Real Estate Brokerage Software Solution Features:

Lead Management, CRM, Marketing, Transaction Management, E-Signature, Commissions & Accounting, Reporting, Agent Onboarding, Human Resources, Intranet, API & Zapier, Auditing & History