Why use an All-in-One Back Office Platform

Many Real Estate Brokers’ and Agents’ back office tech stack is different programs cobbled together for a CRM, Transaction Management, E-Signature, Marketing, etc. This makes simple day to day tasks more complicated than they should be. Consolidating your back office with an all-in-one back office software solution, like TotalBrokerage, can drastically increase your brokerage’s productivity while making life easier for you and your agents.


Piecing together multiple back office software solutions is expensive. While your back office should be a priority and is a necessary expense, most brokers pay more than they need to while getting less features than they require. Keeping track of all of these expenses can be an issue for many brokers, as well as stressful. In addition to saving brokerage’s money on monthly costs, a consolidated, all-in-one, back office earns brokers and agents money by increasing their productivity.

Increased Productivity

Switching between multiple platforms is simply not ideal.

  • It wastes time.
  • It’s inconvenient.
  • Data is often lost.
  • Agents have to learn multiple platforms.

It is much easier to keep all of your leads, data, forms, transactions, agent commissions, licenses, and reports in one secure, easy to use software solution. Also, training agents on multiple, complicated platforms is inefficient and often time ineffective.

Integration Issues

As mentioned above, data is often lost along the way when you are using a multitude of different programs for your brokerage’s back office. Many different platforms do not integrate with one another, which in turn could lose deals by the loss of a lead or customer data. Also, lack of proper integration often results in manual data entry which slows down your agents and deals.

Why NOT use an All-in-One Back Office Platform?

An all-in-One back office software solution makes real estate agents and brokers lives easier while making them more money and increasing productivity. With all of the benefits listed above, it is easy to see why more and more real estate brokers and agents are switching to TotalBrokerage.

Our All-in-One Real Estate Brokerage Software Solution Features:

Lead Management, CRM, Marketing, Transaction Management, E-Signature, Commissions & Accounting, Reporting, Agent Onboarding, Human Resources, Intranet, API & Zapier, Auditing & History