4 Essential Tools for Real Estate Brokers and Agents

4 Essential Tools for Real Estate Brokers and Agents


CRMs (Client Relationship Management Systems)

Keeping track of clients and all of their corresponding information can be overwhelming for many agents. A comprehensive CRM is an essential tool for Real Estate professionals to manage and grow their sphere of influence.

These systems remove the stress of trying to remember “Did I call that person back?” because with most modern CRM’s, that information is logged for future reference.

With TotalBrokerage’s CRM, brokers and agents can set up a client and lead management system that is fully customized to their specific needs. Users can organize leads by: lead status, team, office, and customized tags that help streamline reach-outs and client management tasks.

Real Estate Transaction Management

Transaction Management Tools

Managing a Real Estate Transaction from contact to closing is one of the most important, but challenging aspects of being a real estate agent.

Having a transaction management system that simplifies the process can streamline deals and provide agents with organization that ensures every step of the transaction is properly completed.

The right Real Estate Transaction Management software will help agents with forms, documents, and signatures while providing a clear map of the transaction from start to finish.


E-Signature (Electronic Signature Services)

This essential tool speaks for itself. A real estate transaction is nothing without the signatures from both sides. Having the right E-Signature platform is key for getting signatures back quickly and correctly.

Doing things the old fashioned way is simply no longer an option; it is time consuming and inconvenient. With TotalBrokerage, users get access to secure and user-friendly e-signing capabilities that are responsive and customizable.

Most E-Signature platforms do not offer text message capability, but with TotalBrokerage, you can send E-Signature requests via text or email depending on what is most convenient for your brokerage, the agent, or the signer!

Text and Email Marketing

Marketing Tools

As a real estate broker, giving your agents the correct marketing tools can go a long way in regards to increasing your revenue.

Real estate agents need comprehensive email template capabilities, drip campaigns, and SMS marketing capabilities to do their job correctly. Marketing features like these, which TotalBrokerage offers, can give your real estate brokerage a competitive advantage and once again, are crucial for increasing your brokerage’s volume.

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